Next Strawjack Saturday 5th Sept 2015
Approximate route and times, will almost certainly change.

Duke's Head, Wallington Green         Depart at Noon                   
                   Up Westcroft Road                                      
Fox and Hounds, Carshalton High Street    Arrive 12:15    depart 13:00                         
           High street, into park via car park, exit North Street Gates                                                 
The Sun, North Street     Arrive 13:30 Depart 14:15 
Park, Ponds

Coach & Horses/Woodman   Arrive 14:25 Depart 14:55 

             The Square, Cator Road, Beynon Road. Pause. Carshalton Park Road                                                     
Greyhound, Pound Street    Arrive 15:15  Depart 15:50
                     Ponds, Tree, Honeywood Walk, North Street, West Street Lane                                         
Racehorse, West Street   Arrive 16:00 Depart 16:50     
                      West Street                                                     

Hope, West Street   Arrive 17:00                      

Burning around 19:30 dependant on weather.